To my students, welcome to this class. Today is March 8, 2021.

Please be informed that our class will not commence yet as there a lot of preparations being done for now . However, I advise you to keep yourself alert for any announcement that may come at any time. Kindly check this learning platform from time to time.

I am tasked by our university to go on official travel from March 10-12 and 15-16, 2021 for SASE dissemination as part of my responsibility as a member of MSU-GSC SASE committee. I will try my best to communicate with you within these dates so as to keep you informed.

Meanwhile, for a start, I will be requesting any one of the class to create a group chat where you could connect with your classmates in this course. The format is: GEC 101 14.1M DOCE.
This gc is good for class-related concerns to keep you updated. I discourage you sending me personal messages.

As well, I will be using Google Meet for our lectures and Google drive to send in submissions of requirements. In terms of submission of requirements , follow strictly group submission. I need a volunteer who will take charge of sending to me a file folder via drive. My institutional email is : 

I am looking forward to a meaningful engagement with you in your academic journey. Let us learn together the subject content while having fun on the sides. 

Prof D