This course is an introduction to major concepts and issues in occupational health and safety.  Work-related hazards are described in terms of recognition and control. 

Course Goals and Objectives 

At the completion of the course, the student will: 

  1. Recognize the interrelatedness of public health, management, employees, and the government to the goals of occupational health and safety.  
  2. Demonstrate a base of knowledge in the recognition and assessment of health and safety hazards in the workplace. 
  3. Identify a conceptual framework for the practice of occupational health and safety. 
  4. Relate health promotion/prevention/protection concepts to the occupational health and safety program. 
  5. Discuss the roles and functions of the occupational health and safety professional in the application of the conceptual framework. 
  6. Apply theories and concepts of occupational health and safety to the development and management of programs. 
  7. Identify education, engineering, and enforcement controls for the prevention of occupational health and safety problems.