Course Code: BIO 101.2

Course Title: General Botany Laboratory

Course Description: The laboratory component of the course deals with the actual examination of external and internal structure of plants, including their cells, tissues, and organs. Laboratory exercises chiefly consist of microscopy, histological processing of plant materials, and observation of plant structures.

Prerequisites: None

Schedule: Tuesdays and Fridays 9:00 AM-12:00 NN

Course Objective/Outcome:
1. Identify and understand the functions of the different plant cell and tissue types.
2. Distinguish how these cells and tissues are arranged within the plant body to form the various organs and overall organism.
3. Recognize the morphological and anatomical organization of the plant body in relation to ecology and reproduction.
4. Develop observational skills and relevant laboratory techniques in plant morpho-anatomy.
5. Demonstrate in-depth knowledge of plant anatomy by performing analyses of the functional tissues of a plant species.
6. Acquire practical skills in processing plant histological specimens.

Laboratory Activity Outline:
Activity No. 1- Laboratory Safety
Activity No. 2- The Microscope
Activity No. 3- The Scientific Method
Activity No. 4- The Cell Structure
Activity No. 5- Simple Tissues
Activity No. 6- Meristematic and Complex Tissues
Activity No. 7- Monocot and Dicot
Activity No. 8- The Roots and Root System
Activity No. 9- The Stem
Activity No. 10-The Leaf
Activity No. 11- The Flower